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cf4 testing Quantitative

cf4 testing Quantitative

Reading 6 – The Time Value of MoneyReading 7 – Discounted Cash Flow ApplicationsReading 8 – Statistical Concepts and Market ReturnsReading 9 – Probability ConceptsReading 10 – Common Probability DistributionsReading 11 – Sampling and EstimationReading 12 – Hypothesis TestingReading 13 – Technical AnalysisThe Time Value of Money is an important concept for the level 1 exam. You will need to be comfortable discounting the Present Value and Future Value of cash flows for individual and ongoing payments in the exam. Your calculator has functions built in to make these calculations easier. Here are the calculations that you need to know:FV=PV(1+rn)n∗tPV=FV(1+rn)n∗tFV=FuturevaluePV=PresentValuer=discountraten=numberordisc…See more on analystprep.comEverything You Need from Quantitative Methods for CFA ... Value of MoneyDiscounted Cash FlowsKey Statistical ConceptsProbability Probability ConceptsHypothesis Testing -The 7 Steps of Constructing A Hypothesis TestTechnical Analysis - Key Assumptions of Technical Analysis What is time value? The relationship (equation) between present value and future valueSolving TVM using your financial calculatorThe 3 interpretations of an interest rateThe components of the interest rate (risk free, inflation, default risk, and other risk premiums)See more on gostudy.ioCFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 10, 2020(iv) A comparison of the results of treatment or diagnosis with a control in such a fashion as to permit quantitative evaluation. The precise nature of the control must be specified and an

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